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RoboGalaxy is a pioneer in robotics research and learning solutions. Our programs are designed by team of experts in robotics, math, physics, and teaching. The programs are designed to be engaging and to make sure that you can feel the learning as you progress. RoboGalaxy's programs provide a window into the amazing world of robotics technology and offer an opportunity to expand your prospects by gaining exposure to robotic systems an early age. Our programs are carefully tailored for various age groups and skill levels to make sure each student has an enjoyable experience. All you need to get started is an internet ready computer and a LEGO® MINDSTORMS® NXT kit.

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Self-paced Learning - Online Robotics Course

Convenience of learning at home

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RoboGalaxy Projects - LEGO® MINDSTORMS ® NXT 2.0

Learn and Share Innovation

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Webinar- Live Webinars by Robotics Expert on your laptop

Take Expert Advantage

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Robotics Competition Coaching

Achieve Your Goal

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