Rising Star - FLL Spain

FIRST LEGO League (FLL) introduces young people aged 10 to 16 all over the world to a real-life challenge. From this challenge, the kids build and program a robot, apply science concepts and real-world technology, research and develop teamwork skills, innovation and creativity.

The largest FIRST LEGO League Open European Championship was celebrated in Pamplona from May 28th to 31st 2014.

Teams explored the topic of the various furies of nature that the world faces—floods, wildfire, earthquakes. Each team studied one of the nature’s furies in detail. This study included the occurrence, probable causes; ways to mitigate through the situation; ways in which natural disaster may be prevented and the measures to be taken in case the disaster happens.

With 95 teams in participation from 41 countries and around 1500 attendees, the event was no less than a biggest cross country event. It could be called life itself. It is rare that one gets to meet so many people that too from different countries under one roof.

Singing, dancing, meeting new people, making friends, exchanging souvenirs, clicking pictures, healthy competition, learning from the other teams, cheering and boatloads of enthusiasm—and this is just the beginning while describing the experience at FLL Pamplona (Spain).

So many young enthusiasts, working hard to apply their knowledge and to prove their worth gave even the adults the motivation to do what needed to be done. It was a sight that will remain etched in our memories forever. Unparalleled enthusiasm, the desire to stand out and the motivation to perform even under extreme pressure, brought out some phenomenal performances.

Teamwork, leadership, perseverance, motivation, courage, decision-making, patience, dedication, co-ordination –these aren’t just words but an insight into the world that was experienced during the competition.

Team RoboGalaxy Crushers is a team of three young and brilliant minds—Aryamann Singhi, Juhi Kedia and Suhani Mittal.  Aged at 10, they are witty and quick and yet patient and level-headed.

The team faced problems in various places, be it coordination or performance, lack of mutual understanding or differences of opinions. But obstacles are just a way of testing the will of a person. The journey may not be easy but with a clear vision of the goal, anything and everything is possible. Things straightened out and life rolled.

Working as a team involved heavy research and exploration, emphasis on performance, clear vision, an innate sense of responsibility and the motivation to actualize the dream. 

From competing in the Regionals to Pamplona, the ride was a roller coaster but everything was worth it.

The team stood Third in the “Rising Star Category” with a performance that was highly appreciated. Being the youngest team in the competition, everyone was sure that they have a long celebratory walk lined up ahead.

FLL helps in giving the thought process a direction. It makes the students more creative and most importantly, they get a chance to learn to think out-of-the-box! They learn cooperation even in competition. A positively motivated young mind is the best to have a healthy competition with. It leads to growth for all.

And as it is said, life isn’t only about learning and doing. It is about joyously and excitedly marching ahead.

The team is what it is today because of all that they have learnt and because they value each lesson.

FLL 2014


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