Transforming the World

Author: sumeeti mittal

Change is the only constant in our lives. Our lives has changed from the stone age era, to mars exploration, and it is fascinating to imagine what the future will bring. Technology has changed the way we live our day-to-day lives. Robot nanny, Dinosaurs, Trip to Saturn may look fantasy today, but can it be a reality? May be a reality few hundred years down the line, or may be sooner.


World is changing

Researcher & Scientists around the world are engaged in discovering and inventing new things, be it space, technology or medical science. Technology improvement has brought a big shift in our education systems too. Kids working on a chalk and blackboard are now working on advanced computing machines and building robots.

Robot building is no more a prerogative of an old grey haired scientist working in a lab with hundreds of mechanical and pneumatic tools. Days has come when kids are more excited in building a autonomous robot than just playing with a robot bought by parents from a toy shop. Robot building is not a challenge anymore with constant improvement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).

Scientist to Student

Robotics is an evolving industry and it has traces in our history too. We know -

1400 BC - Babylonians develop the clepsydra, considered as first "robotic" device
1495 - Leonardo da Vinci designs a clockwork knight that will sit up, wave its arms and move its head and jaw
1954 - Industrial robotics pioneer George Devol files a patent for the first programmable robot and coins the term "universal automaton"
1961 - Unimate, the world's first industrial robot, goes to work on a General Motors assembly line

We have come far from 1961, so as robotics field - be it industrial robots or education robots ( Robotics will become an integral part of education, and it may be as inseparable part of education as computers is in today's education system. Robotics education is finding it's place, powered by STEM education, Robotics Kit provides, Education providers, and most importantly ever exploring kids. Robotics is a fascinating field and provides practical application of concepts, cultivates logical thinking, provides a creative outlet, improves problem solving skills, enables critical thinking, and throws a challenge to be innovative.

Robotics education has grown by leaps and bound in last 5 years, and we have seen -

- Schools are taking interest in introducing robotics education
- People feel Robotics can grow like Software industry has grown in last two decades
- Mushroom growth in robotics kit supplier
- Students are taking interest and spending money in participating international competitions
- Students are starting robotics education from age of 7 years
- Colleges are taking steps towards more focused robotics courses

There are few challenges too -

- Education robotics kit with full programming support are expensive
- No organize sector for robotics kit
- Business model to evolve between robotics kit distributors and education providers
- Breaking the ice – Robotics is not just building a car model
- Robotics yet to mature as an core engineering discipline in graduate courses

Challenges lead to opportunities, and I am sure robotics education will look very different one decade from now. Let us bring that change.



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